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Added Bernstein's Candide and West Side Story, Fabio Vacchi "Luoghi Immaginari", Luciano Berio "Folk Songs" and Xenakis "Metastaseis".

Welcome to "organicimusicali.it".
First of all: what is an "instrumentation"?
In Music (from Wikipedia): instrumentation refers to the particular combination of musical instruments employed in a composition, and to the properties of those instruments individually.
So this website propose, to the professional musician, or amateur or to the curious person, a view of the musical instrumentations from the most known classical works.
Click on the surnames initals to find the corresponding work.
If you cannot find a work, but you know its strumentation, do not hesitate: report it to me and I'll arrange for the instrumentation to be added.

This site is, anyway, always in development and, since the classical and contemporary repertoire is so extended (and potentially infinite), I dare to state that it will never be concluded.

New: you can now leave a comment at the bottom of each instrumentation.

Have a nice surfing!

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